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What do you want to be known for?

What can you find if you search your name on Google? Is your image strong and clear enough to attract the persons and the oportunities you need?

Personal Branding is more than just an option, it’s a necessity, no matter if you are a employee ready for the next level in your career, or a entrepreneur that strives for success. In order to be successful you have to be recommended. To be recommended, you have to be known. If you want to be known you need a branding strategy.

The Personal Branding process consists of 80% strategy, 10% image and 10% targeted promotion in your domain. That is why our approach is way different than other branding companies. Before building a beautiful image and investing in promotion, together with our clients, we cover a complex process of analysis, discovering strengths, professional aspirations and of strategy building in order to achieve them.

This process is complex and it can take weeks in order to get to the image building part. The clients are helped through this process by a Personal Consultant, who will make sure that the transition is according to their wishes and aspirations.


Level 1 – „Find Your Voice”
200 €
Where are you now regarding your career?
Who are YOU? - Personality tests
What are your STRONG POINTS?
What are your PERSONAL VALUES?
What is your EXPERTISE?
What makes you DIFFERENT from other professionals with the same expertise?
What is your CAREER GOAL? What do you want to achieve?
EMPLOYEE or ENTREPRENEUR? What career suits you better?
Level 2 – „Monetize!”
300 €
CAREER STRATEGY: prepare the perfect CV, learn how to write a job application letter, practical training for job interviews
Dos and don'ts in a job interview.
BUSINESS STRATEGY: vision, mission, objectives, products, distribution strategy.


Level 3– „Shine”
- BRAND IDENTITY: name, logo, slogan, pitch
professional photo, online image – social media, blog, website etc.
Exclusiv – „Celebrity”
- SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.)
- SEO services
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