Training Lectures

Each attendant receives a handout and an attending certificate.


Effective Communication

The key aim of this online training session is to explain the importance that good communication skills play in managing relationships and information within organisations.

Decision Making

Decision Making is a process for looking at all the options and making a choice through a systematic approach. The key aim of this one hour Decision Making course is to recognize the benefits of a robust Decision Making process.

Delegation Skills

Delegation is about entrusting others with your authority and whilst you retain overall responsibility if something goes wrong, they are entrusted and encouraged to make decisions. Delegating is a key skill we should all develop.

Facilitation Skills

The main objective of the Facilitation Skills online training is to enable participants to effectively facilitate training sessions, meetings and other interactive events.

Collaboration at Work

Collaboration is a critical component of the effective worker in today’s fast-paced business environment. Employees are expected to be able to adapt to situations where they have to work well with others outside their usual team in order to achieve combined goals

Positive Leadership

Leadership is constantly changing and in today’s environment we need to be much more aware of how we treat our people and their perception of us. Where it exists, unless we move away from a ‘command and control’ style of leadership, we will lose our people and struggle to compete in a changing world.

Quick Thinking

We have all found ourselves in situations where we have been put on the spot by an unexpected question. This can happen in many situations such as job interviews, business meetings, conversations with customers or perhaps during a chance meeting with your boss or a work colleague.

Personal Branding

The world of work isn’t what it used to be, the days of working for one company for all our lives have all but disappeared. We live in an unstable working environment which consists of contract changes, re-organisations, downsizing, short-term contracts, flexible working and redundancies.

Setting Smart Objectives

Performance management is a shared responsibility; in this training session we look at how to set SMART objectives that will help grow the individual and the organisation.

Understanding Change

Change is always with us and whether in or out of work we need to know how to handle this transition. Your participants need to know what drives change and how to recognize the different stages of the change cycle.

Understanding Motivation

What motivates people? Money? Working Environment? Opportunity to progress? This training starts with the basics and works its way towards understanding what motivates all of us.

Understanding Diversity

Diversity is about difference, we must promote a culture which values peoples’ difference, and which challenges any threat to individual’s dignity and well-being.


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