Ahmed Ademovic – The man who change the course of history for his own country by one simple act

Born in 1873 in the town of Leskovacs, in today’s Macedonia, Ahmed Ademović grew up to become one of the most honored persons in his Romani community. That was not only because he was an extremely talented trumpeter, but also because he performed this role within the ranks of the newly formed Serbian army.

 His role in the battle of Kumanovo, during the first Balkan war in 1912, will remain in history, because of his courage and creativity. After seeing the confusion within the Serbian army due to the unexpected encounter of the Ottoman troops 50 kilometers north than expected, he decided to try to change the odds of the battle by a rather unexpected approach.
 Having heard it only a few times, he was able to reproduce the retreat trumpet signal of the Turkish army. Running fearlessly across the battle, he positioned himself behind the enemy lines and sounded the retreat. It caused great havoc within the Ottoman soldiers. After quickly running at his own, he sounded the attack, without any orders. The Serbian troops charged and quickly defeated the already confused enemy army. In this way, the strategic plans of the Turks were decisively thwarted and the Turkish army never again gained momentum and consequently lost the war.
One simple man, coming from a discriminated and recently freed from slavery community, namely the Romani, managed to change the course of history for his own country by one simple act.
Vladimir Martinusi