Irina Suciu – “The best career advice is to listen to your inner voice”

Irina is 30 y.o, she was a handball player for 10 years and now she is married with Andrei and a mother of two boys. Until 2015 she had nothing to do with Romanian traditional hand sewing, as she was pursuing a career in retail, but in the winter of 2015 she has found herself without an income, and she had to find a quick solution to reinvent herself.

Irina was born in Rodna Mountains, a place in Transylvania where the traditions are still respected and preserved by the old generation. In her quest for finding a new source of income, she went back home to learn how to sew Romanian traditional shirts, called “ie”. After a difficult start, with the help of her mother and her grandmother and the unconditional support of her husband, she started to produce small jewelries sewed traditionaly and later on, shirts and costumes.

Now, Irina is the owner of “Dor Autentic by Irina & Andrei“, a well-known Romanian brand, she participated to many fairs, she was promoted on national television in prime-time news and she is sending Romanian traditional shirts and costumes all over the world.

Irina is passionate about hand sewing and she is one example of the people who managed to listen to their inner voice in hard times, to find their seeds and blossom.

Alina Bota

Personal Branding Consultant