Madalina Mirastian – “Relationships between people deserve and need to be nourished with emotions”

Born in the Transylvanian town of Medias, settled in Cluj, Madalina has been writing poems since she was 8, back when she didn’t have the resources to gift her mother with something else.
Meanwhile, she became a personal development counselor, a software product manager, a mother … and a commercial poet.

The idea came to her while she was putting her little boy to sleep, because we all feel an intense need to connect, ever since we were born.

She believes that relationships between people deserve and need to be nourished with emotion, authenticity, honest mirroring.

 Madalina proposes to herself to build as many authentic and emotion-filled paths between people as possible through gift poetry.  She is writing in Romanian an English.

Whether it is an anniversary with your life partner, a thank you to your parents and godparents at your wedding, to your best friend’s birthday, or even to your employees – they will be impressed to know how much they mean to you.
She is at your disposal to write a unique poem, having as a “muse” your thoughts and the characteristics of your loved one or of your relationship with him.
Madalina also makes books customized for each child that could be a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift and she writes personalized poetry for a candy brand who use poetry as a wonderful way to connect with their clients. 
Do you think that you cannot monetize your talent? Of course you can! Money should never stop you do what you love.
Alina Bota
Personal Branding Consultant