Ioana Toncean – Online shopping – from hobby to business

Ioana is from Cluj Napoca, mother to 2 years old Iovana. She always wanted to give her baby high quality , long-lasting and from fair priced products. Her education as an economist and her banking experience have helped her look pragmatically at every purchase she makes and not to be driven only by the excitement that a product with an attractive design can generate.
That’s how Yanna was born, a place where every product is selected with care, attention to detail, asking herself every time if the mothers who visit her store will not just buy what they are looking for but also receive warmth, care and a wholehearted smile.
Yanna imports and distributes trolley bags and 3D backpacks, TRITAN water bottles for school or kindergarten, educational magnetic boards, educational toys, books, all of which you can find on:, but also on the largest sites with children’s products in the country.
Yanna is a business created for Iovanna and other children like her, with care for the customers (mostly parents) and it’s a typical lifestyle business for a mother who decided to reinvent her career in order to spend more time with her family.
Alina Bota
Personal Branding Consultant