Brainstorming Techniques


Effective communication

Course duration: 1 Day.

Brainstorming is probably the most well known and most widely used method for bringing groups of people together to generate ideas about an issue or problem. This is because it a good way to gather a lot of ideas very quickly. It is also a great way of bringing people together and helping to build them as a team. Just imagine the effect on the team and its morale if ideas that they generate are actually used. There is no doubt that people are more likely buy-in to the ideas that they came up with themselves. Although brainstorming is widely used for decision making, it is not always handled very well. If that is the case it can have the opposite effect to the one that is intended. Rather than creating ideas it can stifle them and rather than motivating people it demotivates them. This highly interactive course will help learners to make the most of brainstorming sessions and also provides alternative techniques to enliven any session that is beginning to flag.


At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:
Learn how to facilitate or take part in brainstorming sessions in an effective way by following some simple guidelines
Build on the ideas of other participants whilst not critiquing these prematurely
Identify and use different brainstorming techniques that will have an effective approach for almost any situation


800 EUR / team (max 10 participants)
Multiple purchase discount4 training sessions booked – 10% discount

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