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How we can help you
No matter what you want to change in your career, the process is the same. Our specialists can help you navigate through it. Together, we identify what matters most to you, what are your strengths, what has been limiting you, and we design a personalized action plan to help you move forward.

Nowadays, having a personal brand has become an absolute must. Most top-level jobs are given based on recommendations, and personal branding is the most efficient method to boost one’s career.
Our method of developing a personal brand is original and it helps you boost your reputation and to become a voice within your domain. We have more than 200 clients in our portfolio, and their majority consists of managers and entrepreneurs.


Our method is used by hundreds of entrepreneurs. The main principle is that the business is built around its owner’s personality and skills, his expertise, his passions and his aspirations. More the entrepreneur feels confident and motivated, more his business becomes robust and  successful. We help express the vision, the mission, the business strategy, the branding and the marketing strategies for your business. Your personalized receipt for success is delivered

It’s hard to find good employees, but it’s even harder to keep them motivated. We can work together to build a friendly environment for your team, so they will feel that they belong to your company.
Employees can be a brake or a boosting factor during times of change. Success in implementing changes depends on the internal communication strategy. We can help with both internal and external communication approaches.
Taking your business to the next level is directly dependent on taking your team to the next level. We can assess together the situation and build training & coaching programs to boost your team to success.

Why hire one of our Consultants?


Each of us has at least 15 years of practical experience in managing teams and developing businesses. This has driven our pragmatic and results-oriented approach.

Our method is original. It mixes consulting, training, coaching and mentoring. You will benefit from 4  professional approaches located under the same roof.

Your project will become our project, and your success is most important to us. We will focus on it with passion and determination,

We come with a fresh mind. Our experience of working at hundreds of projects will help you see your project from a different, enhanced perspective.


We are solution oriented and excellent motivators, so we are totally capable to boost your confidence and inspire you to fulfill your goals.

We work in a specific time frame and on a clear budget. Our consulting services are provided online or offline, with a clear and flexible meeting schedule to fit your agenda.


It’s rare that you come across a standout person like Alina. She expertly filled the role of my career consultant for over a year now, since I have decided to become an entrepreneur after having a career of almost 20 years in managerial positions of the banking sector. Alina is the founder of Mamprenoare Community, in which I belong as well. I was in awe of her ability to command a room, motivate people and get them onboard with ideas.

Anamaria Ciuhuță

Founder & Owner, Financial Parenting

Meeting Alina was a true case of serendipity… And, just as it’s a known fact that serendipity is one of the hardest words to translate from English, working with her on my career towards my true self is just as hard to speak about, if not harder. Long story short, she made it clear that my only option is courage, the courage to turn my inner passion to a mission into a lifestyle business, period. No more excuses, no more doubts: focus and full speed ahead.

Iulia Broscoi

Health Coach

Alina is a high professional. Following her program of personal branding it was like hiring a professional in my team. Her vast knowledge, guidance and caring is what I value most. She has the “one-team” attitude.

Gabriela Tichelea

Managing Director, GTS Sprots

Someone with a great entrepreneurial vision, it’s pretty rare. Even more rare, it is the person who shares all his vision and his experience to inspire you to find your own entrepreneurial path. Alina is such a person. She inspires and supports, she knows what a personal brand is and how to develop it, from what you have unique in your life experience.

Vivana Dimcev


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