Approach change as an adventure into a "favorable unknown"

I am Medeea, I am ten years old, I am born in Romania, I have lived three and a half years in Israel and right now I am living in Belgium.

From my point of view, changing the country you live in is funny, but also a little bit sad.

If I had changed the country I lived in later in my life, I guess that it would have been harder for me to adapt. However, each human being has its own personal capabilities to adapt and there are no two persons totally alike.

It is really funny to change your country if you are not racist. You must accept the differences, and these differences should not build obstacles for you.

Curiosity helps any person willing to travel; it will help him to learn the language spoken by the people who inhabit the country where he is moving in and it will help him not being surprised by their particular customs.

Not being racist helps to make new good friends and to learn things that will help you through your entire life. For example, I have learned that "home" is not a precise place, but it is there where persons that you love are, and they are called FAMILY.

Accepting the differences helps you to have trustful friends and it also helps you to not being taken by surprise by changes in your life or in somebody else's behaviour.

It is also sad to change your country because you leave behind the good friends that you have made before your departure.

Here are my recommendations for those who want to move to another country:

-When you change your country, it is advised that you speak at least a little bit of English, so that you can communicate with people from that country.

-Respect the customs of the country you are moving in.

-Approach change as an adventure into a "favorable unknown".

-Be smiling, tolerant, polite and friendly to the others.

-Have clothes adapted to the climate.


If you have kids and you plan to move to another country, please leave your questions in the comments of this article and I will answer when I have time.

Medeea Martinusi

P.S. While in Israel, I have learned and sung one of my favorite songs.