Catalina Chilimari – The woman who wants to change the perception on aging in Romania

The crisis had a huge impact on the banking industry, as well as the technology. Many employees from the banking sector are forced to end their career and search for new opportunities outside the system. Catalina’s story proves that any end of the road is just the beginning of a new one.

Many of us, when we think about our 20’s, we remember the love, the parties, the music, the craziness of our youth. Catalina remembers the Christmas from ’89, in the middle of the Revolution that took place in Romania and ended communism. She was a student at the time and she spent the night after Christmas and many nights after with her colleagues inside the University of Bucharest. Outside, it was hell: the sound of machine guns, the light of the bullets crossing the night sky and the feelings were a mix of terror and freedom.

She started to work in the banking sector in ’90, a job that, in Romania, was a dream for many. Catalina was one of the lucky ones. She feels lucky especially because she grew up like a professional in a time with many challenges and few rules, so she used her creativity. She shaped her personality in the banking sector, as she learned to respect rules, to be always professional and to work with people and for the people.

After 25 years in banking, Catalina decided that it’s time to move forward and to pursue the project of her dreams. Nowadays, we are facing the fact that we live longer than any generation before and we have to take care of our bodies and our minds. At 60, even at 70, when our grandparents were considered old, we have to prepare for the next 15-20 years of life and this has to be high quality life.

Her new project, AgeSense , is a special place where people find treatments and therapies that can make senior years the best years of their lives.

Catalina wants to change the perception on aging in Romania and to make us all see the aging process like a beautiful and natural time in our life, when we don’t have to give up on our passions, when we can enjoy travelling, spending time with friends, even working if we choose so.

But in order to have a high quality of life, we have to start early, even from 30, to have a good nutrition, to take care of our body, skin, mind, careers and relationships.

In her new project, Catalina brings another lifetime passion: piano. She has been playing the piano ever since she was a little girl and now she is performing for her clients in her workshops on different health issues like menopause.

Where people see the end of a road, no mater if we speak about career or about our age, Catalina sees a new one.  As Luise D’amour said “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”

Alina Bota

Personal Branding Consultant