Loredana Mocescu – “All our behaviors and beliefs are formed in childhood”

Until few years ago, Loredana was struggling  to escape from her mother’s legacy who was a kindergarten teacher. When she was little she always saw her mother tired after work and she thought that it must be a very hard job.  But, like  she heard from an expert in education: it’s useless to run. Many of us will end up in professional areas that are not far from our parent’s.

Her search began with acting, than she was a clerk in Ploiesti Town Hall for few years, to change again towards banking. She took education  seriously in each of this 3 areas, so she studied 3 years of Art School, then the University of Public Administration and in the end, Law School.

Still, it was not enough. Every time she ended up bored and she continued her quest. Sounds familiar? Well, that proves that very few people are lucky enough to find their vocation at a young age, most of us function in trial and error mode for years. 

In 2015, Loredana was a Branch Manager in an important bank, helping entrepreneurs with loans to level up their businesses. Then she realised that her clients need more than financial advice to be successful in business. There is a saying, I don’t remember where I heard it, but I  also use it in business counselling: ” Your business is a mirror of your heart. If  your heart is not ok, your business cannot be successful”. So she started to learn how to “heal hearts”, to first make (as she was always doing in her life)  some serious training and she become Personal Development Consultant.

Very quickly Loredana learn that all our behaviors and beliefs are formed in childhood and she took a certification in parenting and started to heal also little hearts.

Loredana realised that she cannot run very far from her mother’s legacy. She wanted all her life to be a teacher so now is a well known business coach and personal development consultant and a to parenting specialist.

You can see it in her smile that she is happy with her new path. She has a beautiful family, 2 children, every day is full of new challenges from her clients and her life is full with events where she is planner or protagonist.

The moral: regarding vocation, listen to your instinct. It’s the best vocational adviser.

Alina Bota