Hello, I’m Alina Bota

Owner/Founder, Consultant & Trainer
I am Business and Career Consultant, Trainer, owner of LevelUp Vision and founder of Mamprenoare, a community with over 1200 women-entrepreneur. In my 20 years of experience in Sales Management, Strategic Partnerships, Training and Development in corporate world (life insurance), I have inspired hundreds of people to discover, train and monetize their skills in order to fulfill their aspirations. Their success inspired me to become consultant & trainer and to dedicate myself exclusively to people who want to take their career or their business to the next level. In LevelUp Vision, we are a team of consultants and trainers, each of us with more than 15 years of practical experience in our field of expertise.

Our Experiences


Benefits of our clients

Discover & spotlight personal strengths.
Clarity in career path.
Long-term strategy to fulfill aspirations.
Learn to stand out from the crowd.
Boost personal & professional relationships.
Set on the path of financial independence.
Strategic Thinking

Our Vision

We offer strategies for personal and professional growth. We maximize the results of our clients while minimizing their effort, time, expenses and risks.

Our focus is on people

Discover new talents
Develop new skills
Monetize people’s skills
Grow managers and leaders
Build strong teams
Grow people’s businesses

Our values



The world is changing on a fast pace and nowadays the most successful people are those who never stop learning. We believe in systems of education, in long time personalized programs that deliver the skills which are needed to fulfill clear goals.


Time is a not a renewable resource. We have to be open to the perspectives of the out of the box solutions that can provide maximum of results with minimum resources involved. Efficiency is a key factor to reach success.


Leadership is not a position, it’s a mindset. Leadership is defined by the way you think and by the way you behave. We all have the capability to be leaders and to stand out in different areas of our lives. We just need to find the way to do it.


We believe that people who share the same ideas and the same values have to stay together and together we can grow faster. Join our community where we make business partnerships and we are involved in different charity projects.


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