Madalina Dascal – “Any problem has a solution if you know how and where to search for it.”

Madalina’s father was a policeman. Since she was a little girl, she took note of his work and she always thought about both sides: victims and offenders. She always thought that any problem has a solution if you know how and where to search for it.
Madalina became a consulting and pleading lawyer specialized in commercial, labor and family law. She offers consulting and representation in everything that the business segment means, making herself legally sure that the  clients’ businesses are safe.
In the field of labour law, Madalina represents and assists both clients who are employers and clients who are employees, always making sure that their rights are respected.
And because she loves working with people, she has chosen to practice in  family law too,  exactly because the interaction with the clients is more personal.
Madalina strives to combine the personal and the professional side, because the two define her as a person, as a mother and as a professional.
 Alina Bota
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