Complementary Medicine Center in Cluj-Napoca

This story is not about success,  nor about the end of a road, it’s about the long, full of doubts process of re-inventing.

Her name is Lia Valendorfean, her grand-grand parents’ name was Valendorf, and they were a family of Saxons living in Transylvania. Over the years, Romanians and Hungarians were welcomed in her family and for this reason the family members like to say that they belong to many cultures.

She was 22 years old when she became a journalist working for one of the most prestigious newspapers in Romania, “Romania Libera” (Free Romania). Back in 1999, the printed newspapers were still trendy and journalists were very much respected for their work. She enjoyed every minute of her work, being in the middle of events, covering stories about people in the Transylvania region, either VIP`s or ordinary people. Sometimes she used to get some threats as she was covering stories about dirty businesses which involved politicians or businessmen. Her family couldn’t be at the same time more proud and more worried about her!

One meeting with a special person has changed her and her life completely and she decided to move forward and become a spoke person. After a while, she took the opportunity to be part of a European information network, called Europe Direct. For 7 years she was the manager of Europe Direct Northern Transylvania Center and learned a lot about communicating Europe to citizens, traveled a lot and enjoyed places and people from all over the European Union

Her professional life seemed perfect as her personal life was going down.  She got married at 35 and desperately tried to have babies as she experienced some health issues. It was one of the most painful processes in her life. Almost 3 years of treatments, hopes and despairs. In 2014 she gave birth to her son and she is grateful for every day they spend together.

About one year after her son was born she  started to ask herself what she can do to spend more time with her son and not in an office? And what was THE thing she was believing in the most and could bring her also an income? The answer was easy: the complementary medicine, the very same which helped her fight her infertility issue.

In 2016 ZEM Center was born in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, as one of a few alternative medicine centers in the region, offering Bowen therapy, Reflexology, Physical therapy, Massage and Yoga & Mindfulness programs for kids between 3-12 years of age.

Every day she spends working for her new project is the same: a mix of happy moments, wonders, new ideas, new training , as she strongly believes in a life-long learning concept.

Lia’s life is now far from being peaceful and quiet but she keeps re-inventing herself and hopes for a long journey ahead in her new center. And  the best is that she has the chance to be next to her son whenever he needs her.

Alina Bota

Personal Branding Consultant


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