Isabelle Biets – “Never give up on your passion. If it’s true, it will not disappear!”

Isabelle was the Belgium’s National Champion at free diving. She started this sport at 28, inspired by her neighbor, and in one year she became champion. She didn’t make a career out of this sport, but it helped her to find her love and they are now a beautiful family.

Isabelle is a talented photographer and this passion started when she was a little girl posing for her mam who was a member in a photography club. She used to be a model for her and her fellow photographers and later on, a fashion model.

She started making photographs when she was very young and she was living in Brasil where her father was working for 5 years. Her family used to travel a lot and when Isabelle was big enough to be able to manipulate the camera, she started also to make pictures.

She remembered one trip to Peru, a beautiful country with picturesque people who don’t like to be photographed. She saw from the window of the train one woman cutting the meat and she “stole” her a photo. The woman was so angry that she started running after the train with the knife raised up. It was a scary moment and it remained a vivid memory.

Isabelle’s career took her away from her passion even if she studied photography at the Academy of Beaux Arts from Liege, she also studied tourism and office management, she worked in a big corporation, then for 7 years she owned a pastry shop.

She never gave up her passion, she never stopped practicing, she worked as a professional photographer for a company for a while and her skills became better and better.

Just as she was posing for her mother, her daughters are posing now for her and also for her friends from all over the world. The results are amazing because Isabelle is never in a hurry. Portrait photography is not just about making a portrait, it is about capturing a moment, an emotion. And for this to happen, one must interact, love people and know how to create the atmosphere and to catch the right moment.

Isabelle decided to finally commit to her passion and she is preparing to live the dream of her lifetime: to become a full time portrait photographer.

Her message for all of us is: “Never give up on your passion. If it’s true, it will not disappear. It will always be there waiting for you.”

Alina Bota

Personal Branding Consultant


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