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We offer expertise, experience and fresh thinking that can help you restart your career, open a new business or give power to projects that have lost momentum. We work One on One online, both in English and in Romanian.


No time to participate to a full day training or a longer program? We offer 90 minutes Training Solutions on specific topics, addressed to individuals or teams, to help them get the key message without the logistic costs of an offline training.

Scheduled Events

We organize online and offline events on different topics, such as: Personal Branding, Presentation Skills, Creative Thinking, Business Etiquette and many other such interesting subjects. Click below to find out more.

Hello, I’m Alina Bota

Owner/Founder, Consultant & Trainer
I am Business and Personal Branding Consultant, Trainer, owner of LevelUp Vision and founder of Mamprenoare, a community with over 2800 women-entrepreneur. 

In my 20 years of experience in Sales Management, Strategic Partnerships, Training and Development in corporate world (life insurance), I have inspired hundreds of people to discover, train and monetize their skills in order to fulfill their aspirations.

Their success inspired me to become consultant & trainer and to dedicate myself exclusively to people who want to improve their skills and take their career or their business to the next level. 


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Why Online Training


Quick fix

Training is an instrument who offers specific solutions to specific issues. We talk to our clients in order to help them better identify their needs and to choose the right training instruments to fix it efficiently.

Participation made easy

Schedule a meeting for your team or join in one of our events and you will be able to participate to our online training anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Save money

Offline training requires huge logistic expenses that you have to pay. With online training, you will pay only for the training materials and the trainer’s expertise.

Save time

During one classical training day, a lot of time is wasted with collateral activities. Our training materials are developed such as all essential information is served in a compact and time-efficient manner.

Online & Offline Training Courses


Creative Thinking

This Creative Thinking training has been developed for everyone in your organisation who may struggle with ideas generation. They may not have confidence in their suggestions, or get frustrated if they can’t come up with solutions for challenges.

Essential Management Skills

Every day, managers solve difficult problems, turn organisations around, and achieve astonishing performance. To be successful, every organisation needs good managers. Develop the managers in your business and increase performance.

Practical Sales Skills

The core aim of this sales skills training is to provide your team with a set of tools that can be practicably used in their role as salespeople. This sales skills training has been developed for salespeople or people who are required to sell.

Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials training cover the basics of marketing and is intended not only for people who are new to a marketing role, but just about anybody in the organisation.

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